Al Ain Beat Kuwait by Kembo, Stoch and Ajab’s Goals


The first half was over 2-0 for Al Ainand each of Kembo 29 and 53, Miroslav 45’, and Mohd Abdurrahman 58 scored for Al Ain.

Al Ain showed high technical performance and impressed all fans to assure that the camp in Italy was successful.

Strong Beginning
Both of the teams showed strong start and Al Ain asked for a penalty kick early in the match after one minute after blocking Lee Joo inside the box but the referee said nothing.

Al Ain controlled the match and obliges the opponent to play defense and attack through counterattacks only.

Kuwait waited till the 10th minute to make their first counterattack by Bastos but Al Ain GK could control his kick.

Khalid Issa
Khalid Issa, Al Ain GK, could stop and control all of Kuwait attacks and aborted all the attempts to reach his net.

Kembo and Stoch
Kembo of Al Ain scored when he received a pass from Joo and kicked the ball to the net 29’.

Before the end of the first half the referee gave a penalty kick to Al Ain after blocking Stoch and kicked by him to score the second for Al Ain.

Kembo could score the third goal for Al Ain after a pass from Joo to touch the ball once and to rest in the net 53’.

Issa from Al Ain save an attack from Leonardo to move the ball away 55’.

Fans Sing Kembo
Kembo was the man of the match and the fans didn’t stop singing his name after he dribbled the players of Kuwait and he passed to Mohammed Abdurrahman to score the fourth for Al Ain 58’.

Al Ain Squad: Khalid Issa, Saeed Al Menhali, Mohanad Salem, Faris Juma, Mohd Fawzi, Lee Joo, Ahmed Barman, Diaky, Stoch, Mohd Abdurrahman, and Kembo.

Ahmed Al Shamisi replaced Lee Joo 53’, Rayan Yaslam replaced Ibrahim Diaky 56’, Mohammed Busandah replaced Khalid Issa 60’, Fawzy Fayez replaced Ahmed Barman 65’, Khalid Khalfan replaced Kembo 65’, Omar Abdurrahman replaced Mohd Abdurrahman 69’, Rashid Issa replaced Stoch 69’, Abdul Aziz Fayez replaced Mohd Fawzi 74’, and Yosef Ahmed replaced Faris Juma 81’.

Khalid Khalfan 88’.

Kuwait Squad
Abdurrahman Al Hosainan, Hussein Hakim, Fahad Hamoud, Khalid Ajab, Nasser Al Qahtani, Abdullah Al biki, Lenardo Dose, Rafael Bastos, Fahad Sabah, Waleed Ali and Shadi Al Hamami.

Mohd Al Azmi replaced Abdullah Al Briki 46’, Ahmed Hazzam replaced Khalid Ajab 57’, Mohd Al Farisi replaced Al Sabah 57, Shahin Al Khamis replaced Nasser Al Qahtani 62’, Jarrah Al Atiki replaced Shadi Al Hammami 68’, and Yacop Waleed replaced Bastos 83’.

Nasser Al Qahtani 22’, and Lenardo Dose 75’.

Hamad Al Sheikh, referee, Mohd Ahmed, Juma Al Mukhaini, linesmen and Omar Ali, 4th referee.

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