Thanked Mohammed and Hazza bin Zayed..Gyan: Renewing my contract is a big morale push for me to keep going on with Al Ain


Gyan said on this occasion that he thank God for giving him this life and for everything and he added: "I thank H.H. General Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and H.H. Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed Al Nahyan for the support they give to the club before I come to Al Ain which made Al Ain of high reputation in the continent. As players we are confident that all ambitions are attained by the support of the club leaders.

"The care and support from the leaders and Sheikh Abdullah Mohd Khalid S Al Nahyan, Board chairman, means a big motif to do more in the coming matches."

Strongest leagues
"Here I received all support since I came and without my colleagues support I would have done this and I'm still young and have many to do for the team. I said before that I came to UAE to prove that I can win the challenge. I came from one of the strongest leagues in the world and hit great achievements with my colleagues here."

Thanks to Zlatko
"I also thank Zlatko who again wanted me to be in his team as he is the boss of the team and decide the best for the team. So I thank him for the trust."

I Love UAE
Asked about the reports said that Gyan may leave Al Ain after world cup 2014 and he replied: "it is not important where you play it is the individual's motivation and pushing himself to the limits. Before the world cup I paid huge efforts and I think my efforts got paid. I played in Europe but when I came to UAE I fell in love with the country and the people here. As a professional player can do his work at any place and attract the attentions to him."

Gyan's Loyalty
Asked about the secret behind his loyalty to Al Ain and he replied: "there is no secret and I'm a professional player and can play anywhere and I said in one of the interviews I think with the CNN that I came to UAE looking for a new challenge after I won challenge in Africa and Europe and I have followers from everywhere and all saw me in the world cup. However statistically I did more with my national team after I moved to UAE; I don’t mean English league is not good but it is different and coming to Al Ain gave me what I want."

"I also want to thank all people of Al Ain and we will do our best as players to make our fans happy."

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