Praise The Support of Mohammed bin Zayed and Hazza bin Zayed..Gyan in Round 50 of the Best Players all over The World

29-07-2014 website announced the round 50 each year issue for the best fifty players around the world and it included Gyan who came in number 35 and last year it included Al Ain midfielder Omar Abdurrahman who came 39th in the list. 

From Portugal Christiano Ronaldo this year came first instead of last year's Lionel Messi, who came this year third after Arien Robbin from Holland. The first tenplayers are as follows: Christiano Ronaldo, Arian Robin, Lionel Messi, Philip Lahm, Thomas Muler, James Rodriguez, Luis Swariz, Tipo Cuatro, Ortora Vidal, and Serjio Ramos.
Gyan said: "I would like to congratulate my friends and all Muslims on the occasion of Eid Al Fitr and I'm happy to be among this list issued on Monday and it includes 50 players from all over the world."
"It is so important to be among the best 50 players from the world which is an achievement and I thank all the people who helped me to be among this list weather they are from Al Ain or from my country."
"I would like to thank H.H. General Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Abu Dhabi Crown Prince, Deputy Supreme Commander of UAE Armed Forces, Al Ain Club and Honorary Board President, and H.H. Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed Al Nahyan, The national Security Adviser, Vice-Chairman of Abu Dhabi Executive Council, and Al Ain Club and Honorary Board First Deputy President, for the great care they offer which is the motivation for all of Al Ain players."
"I also thank Sheikh Abdullah Mohd Khalid S Al Nahyan, Al AIn FC Board Chairman, and the coaches and administration as well as my colleagues who were also next to me all the time."
"Finally I would like to thank the fans from all over the world because they supported me." 
"Being one of the fifty players is important to prove that it is not important where you play but it is important to show your best where you are and to hit your targets."
Asked about coming number 35 in the list and he replied: "it is important I'm in the list regardless where I'm in that list which is an achievement for me."
"Having Omar Abdurrahman and Mohammed Abu Trika in last year's list along withNathir belhaj and Abdul Momen Djiabo is a good thing. Omar has great talent and will have great future as well. I'm happy to raise the flag and the name of my country high which is important for me and my fans and family."

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